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this fic gave me hell, seriously. i didn't even get anyone together! madness.
Sherlock and John aren't the first Holmes and Watson to inhabit 221b. Two men in the late 19th century would've gone down in history as the greatest crime-solving duo to walk the face of the Earth. Instead, all traces of them have been obliterated. Something, somewhere, went horribly wrong.

It's up to Sherlock and John to figure it out before it happens again and the clock is ticking.

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The Adventure of the Empty Room )


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John solves a crime and Sherlock finds this indescribably attractive. Naturally, this leads to making out over a corpse. John tries hard to be moral, and doesn't quite suceed.

Sherlock/ John, 1676 words

Another day, another horrendously brutal murder in some rotting building in London that Sherlock has taken his usual perverse interest in.

Follow the Leader )


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 i was meant to be doing work. and then Sherlock ate my brain.

Sherlock/John, 1556 words

A chase through half of London's West End. Business as usual for them – Sherlock's long legs carrying him easily across roofs and over balconies, him lagging behind as usual, the phantom not-really-there pain of his leg nagging at him enough to make his gait unsteady, even now.

Power of Suggestion )


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